Sibling Love

When we found out we were expecting twins last Spring, although feeling incredibly excited, there was a large weight on my mind that I just couldn’t shift. It stayed with me the through my pregnancy and peaked when I was in hospital after the twins’ birth. It’s still there even today but to a lesser degree.

I was worried about my little boy and how these two little needy babies would take me away from him at times. I felt guilty.

Thankfully he’s the most loving little boy and absolutely adores his little brother and sister so I really needn’t have worried so much. His life has been enriched having them around. And yes, he does have to share Mummy and there are times when he has to wait for me to finish feeding/changing etc but he never seems to mind. Okay so we sometimes experience a little attention seeking behaviour but he’s only 2 so that’s going to be expected anyway. It’s generally only an urgent request for the potty or a rather scary dinosaur roar so I think I can cope with that!

And they love him too. Their little smiling animated faces when he’s with them are beautiful.

We had a free afternoon this week so Dave had the twins and I took Thomas out for a coffee (for me) and some cake (for him I promise!). I was so excited to share this little one on one time with him but as soon as I popped him into the car all he wanted to do was go back to Rosie and Oscar! He talked about them constantly.

Although I was a little disappointed that Mummy didn’t seem to be as exciting I was secretly pleased. I want him to love them. And I know there’ll be times ahead when they argue but I hope they’ll always be there for each other.

I just hope he remembers thisΒ when they start stealing his toys!


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