Getting Back On Track

I’ve officially been useless lately. For the last couple of months we’ve been through teething and multiple colds which has pretty much sapped all my will power and energy. All this means maybe 2-3 hours sleep each night so my immune system is suffering and my head hasn’t had the fight.

I’m now recovering from my third cold in as many months, which is totally unlike me. I’m not one to take days off sick as thankfully bugs aren’t something I pick up often. As I mentioned in my previous posts my quick fix solve everything is food. I have an emotional attachment to it – it makes me happy, I look forward to it and I see it as a treat for working hard. However this relationship with food means I choose the most ‘rewarding’ and fast options, such as toast, biscuits and ice cream, etc, especially in the evenings. I’ve found I have a mindless snacking attitude as well – if I see food I eat it without even thinking about what it is or whether I need it, all day long, especially if the kids don’t finish their meal.

So with September around the corner and back to school germs coming into the house for the first time I’ve sorted myself out! I’ve been reading some really good books when I can find 5 minutes – usually at breakfast when the little people are napping, and they’ve encouraged me to ditch the junk. In case you’d like to read them too, which I definitely recommend, they are Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw and the second is Eat. Nourish. Glow. by Amelia Freer. I purchased both from my local supermarket (one of the few places I can get to easily with the brood!)

I thought a good way to keep me going and to maybe motivate you is to go through the books and fill you in on what I think is really handy information and tips so if you’re keen to get your diet and lifestyle in general back on track then hopefully it may inspire you!

The one point I really want to make though is although I need to lose my baby weight (there’s a lingering stone and a very round tummy there!) this is not about dieting. It’s about having a better relationship with food so I can feel healthier, have more energy and see food as nourishment rather than continually ‘rewarding’ it with junk food which in turn does me no favours!

Everyone has different areas that need looking at and my first place to start has been to get rid of refined sugar from my diet. I honestly feel better already but more on that later.

I’m also about to set up a Facebook group for support and inspiration where anyone can share recipes and ask questions to other members so hopefully see you there!