Taking The Girl Out of The Countryside

So this weekend I was set free to the big city London for a fabulous lady’s hen do! I’m not sure whether it’s my rather embarrassing love of Made In Chelsea or a fascination with anything polar opposite to my Norfolk life but it was exciting! I must admit I’m pretty naive and innocent (read: not at all street wise) and the news has probably made me fairly cautious/negative (one of the reasons I stopped watching it). Got to say though I spoke to loads of people!  I’m generally happy to chat to absolutely anyone about anything, striking up a conversation is not something that frightens me although I can’t guarantee I’ll talk about things that’ll interest you! (A smile and nod is lovely though, thanks!)

The train ride down allowed me the time to read a book (and who knew there are now electrical sockets on trains?!) a few magazines and sort my thoughts.

I must admit I did walk quickly when I got off the train, was pretty terrified of getting lost on the way there…but then I slowed down. I saw the enormous amount of coffee shops (heaven), huge variety of people and languages surrounding me, the warmth and wind of the tube, the colours and sights. And I loved it. One of my favourite pastimes is people watching and I had plenty of opportunity. I’m hoping this will inspire my photography work too.

And if you’re thinking of stopping for afternoon tea somewhere we had a beautiful spread at Drink Shop Do (www.drinkshopdo.com) near Kings Cross station and made necklaces too as part of the hen do fun! Lovely staff, great food and drink, welcoming atmosphere and loads of crafts – they have an amazing timetable of events, take a look at their website for more info.

I’d love to take the kids one day but I’m not sure London or the tube could handle the monster truck double buggy and all the stuff I carry with me just yet! I’d love to hear if you’ve been to London with children and how you kept it safe?


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