Finding The Motivation

So I’ve been away for 6 months, focussed on my business (which has been great and was very much needed) and spectacularly fell off the healthy bandwagon!

Summer is now kind of here, Love Island is on the telly and my need for my healthy lifestyle I achieved and worked so hard for last year is back with a bang!

But how do you find the motivation and the time when you’re busy, you run a business, you’re a mum, wife, friend?

I battle with this daily and I find it incredibly easy to talk myself out of exercise or resisting that biscuit. But I simplified things in my mind – instead of focussing on the fact that I find exercise boring and a mental battle to keep going when I’m doing it, I instead focussed on how much better I’d feel afterwards. How I’d sleep better, feel better, look better, be happier and more energised. And I basically didn’t give myself a choice – this has to be done and I keep my eye on the goal ahead.

What is my goal? As every mum may empathise I’d like to lose the baby weight (1 stone left of the three I gained with each pregnancy) tone up (I have a large split (diastasis rectii) in my abdominal muscles from my twin pregnancy, which has left me looking 15 weeks pregnant at all times and I’d love to get this a bit flatter. I’m also really conscious that I want to be around for a long time for my kids so I want to be as healthy as possible and be a good inspiration for them to lead their own healthy lives.

So baby steps first! I’ve been running 2 miles twice a week, been adding in some sit ups, I’ve cleared our fridge of processed food, such as ham etc as much as possible (BBQ sausages have stayed though!) and cut down on the food that makes me feel tired and bloated such as cereal and bread. I’ve also been less hard on myself with regards to restricting gluten and dairy as I found this so hard to maintain last year. Wish me luck!

So what things do you find keep you motivated to stay healthy?


2 thoughts on “Finding The Motivation

  1. Vicks Rash says:

    Good luck! πŸ‘

    I totally empathise…I’m on and off the healthy wagon constantly and am now working to lose the 2 stone I gained in the 4 months I was living back with my parents! If there was an Olympic medal for feeding my folks would win gold!

    I discovered last month’s I’m, in fact, not a Coeliac (?!) But suffer with IBS… so allowing gluten into my diet is very strange but the low FODMAPS diet for IBS is, in my eyes, completely unachievable!

    I find every excuse not to exercise but hopefully your blogs will keep me motivated…so keep them coming!!



  2. eloiselaylanurse says:

    Wow that must have been such a surprise! How have you been feeling since re-introducing gluten? I haven’t seen the FODMAPS diet but will take a look today. Yeah it’s so easy to talk yourself out of exercising isn’t it? I think I may be allergic to it haha! I find if I stick to a plan then I’m less likely to not do it, so I say Mondays and Fridays are running days, then add in some resistance in the week maybe – only in 30 minute stretches but it’s better to do a little and build up to more. We’ll have to motivate each other! x


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