Be Still Mama Heart

So tonight I tucked my babies into bed, just like every other evening. But this evening feels different – tomorrow is the first day back at school after the summer holidays and my heart feels heavy.

The summer has been one of fun, one full of new memories and adventures.

Thomas turned five, he grew up a little more than I’d have liked but the boy he’s turning into this mama is extremely proud of. He cares for his little brother and sister, guides them gently down the stairs, then makes each of our water bottles up in the morning, excited to see each of us when we wake.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All ready for the morning school routine again

And tomorrow someone else gets to share him with me. Another gets the hours I’ve treasured so greatly over the last six weeks. I hope they take good care of him, and nurture his little inquisitive mind.

Don’t get me wrong he needs school. Even though he’s one of the youngest in his class this little mind still needs to be challenged. And he’s excited to return.

But as I wave him off tomorrow, I’ll turn and take two little twin hands, never looking up for fear of acknowledging the feeling inside, and wait for 3pm when I can hear about all the fun he’s had.

Be still Mama heart.


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