Hi! My name is Eloise and I’m a very blessed Mummy to three beautiful children – a sensitive and thoughtful little 3 year old and fearless 17 month old boy/girl twins.

I never thought I’d get to be a Mum but now I am I feel a great responsibility to these kids to raise them well, to nourish them and provide a wealth of happy memories. Parenting is not easy. It’s an enormous learning curve – for the kids and us parents but we hope one day they’ll look back and say we did a good job.

I honestly believe one of the most important things you can do for your kids is to look after yourself. A healthy and happy mum, inside and out, physically and mentally can only be a good thing.

Follow me on my journey, the ups and downs, adventures and missions as I aim to bring you my own experiences of becoming that healthy mum I strive daily to be – the good days, bad days and all the crazy in between!